An image of the Homunculus Nebula has been uploaded

Hi all, The Homunculus Nebula is a true challenge for any amateur telescope. Some good amateur pictures of it can be found in the web, and I wanted to try with the CDK 20″, located at the SSO, Australia. The result can be found at: NGC 3372-Caldwell 92 (core region) This page already has NGC 3372 […]

A wide field image of NGC 7293 (The Helix) has been uploaded!

Hello all! A new, wide field image of NGC 7293 (The Helix Nebula) has been uploaded. It is, like others that have been uploaded recently, a wide field image enhanced by blending in it a higher resolution image taken with the 20″ CDK. This image (like the higher resolution one) has been taken in narrowband, […]

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