IC 2220 surrounding bubbles. A confirmation

Hi all,   I promised another post when these new bubbles had been confirmed. Three astrophotographers, Andrealuna Pizzetti, Tel Lekatsas and Christian Sasse have, independently, taken Ha pictures of this region, in order to try to confirm the existence of this bubbles. The integration of all their 19x600s images (see image here), taken with another 20″ […]

An image of NGC 6302, the Bug Nebula, has been uploaded

Hi all, A new image has been uploaded. This time, a planetary nebula, NGC 6302, also called the Bug Nebula or the Butterfly nebula, has been the chosen object. This nebula presents several unique characteristics, such an extremely hot central white dwarf (250,000 ºC, one of the hottest recorded). The central star had not been […]

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