An image of Messier 84 and Messier 86 has been uploaded

Hi all, An infrequent view of two otherwise boring elliptical galaxies, M84 and M86, has been uploaded. This image shows very faint (and seldom shown) Hydrogen II clouds between M86 and NGC 4438 (Eyes Galaxies). There is still debate as whether these clouds are the result of a previous gravitational encounter between M86 and NGC […]

An image of Pre-8, a very faint and seldom imaged planetary nebula

Hi all, An image of Pre-8 has been uploaded. Pre-8 is an extremely faint planetary nebula that was discovered in 2016 by Trygve Prestgard. In order to be able to grab enough signal for the image, multiple (22) one-hour exposures (binned 2×2) had to be taken. You can find the image and some more details […]

An image of Messier 56, a Northern Globular Cluster, has been uploaded

Hi all, Another globular from the Messier catalog, M56, has been uploaded. This time, a cluster presenting two oddities: retrograde movement as it orbits the Milky Way, as well as its theorized origin, being the remainder of an “absorbed” (by the Milky Way) small galaxy that once was captured by the gravitational pull of our […]

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