Still another image! The Thor’s Helmet

A new image has been uploaded. This time it concerns NGC 2359, the Thor’s Helmet Nebula.  It is a beautiful emission nebula, imaged in narrowband (HII and OIII). Being a Hydrogen and Oxygen rich nebula, these two filters should provide the “natural” color. In my opinion, this is the case…

The link is:

NGC 2359, Thor’s Helmet

Or at the “Emission Nebulae” page, as well as at the “Italian Series” page.


A new image has been uploaded: M 8


A new image has been uploaded. It is the emission nebula Messier 8, or the Lagoon Nebula. This image has subframes taken during 2015 and 2016. It is a narrowband image, processed with much the same color palette used for NGC 3372, trying to reproduce the natural spectrum of the nebula.  The stars were blended from an RGB image.

M 8-NGC 6523 new



A new image of NGC 3372 (Eta Carina)

An image of the core region of the Eta Carina Nebula has been added to the web site. This image has been taken with narrowband filters Ha, OIII and SII (except for the stars, RGB). The colors have not been assigned following the Hubble Color Palette, but trying to follow the natural spectrum of this nebula. An explanation is in the below posted link. Enjoy!


The link is


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