A new image has been uploaded. M17, the Omega Nebula

Hi all, I have uploaded two versions of M17, the Omega Nebula. The first version was taken with a 17inch telescope, and shows more detail. The second image is a wide field image of this nebula, and its core has been enhanced with the previous higher resolution image. This wide field image is the second […]

A 2×1 mosaic of NGC 2237 (Rosette Nebula) has been uploaded!

Hi all,   After a brief period of a certain calm, a new object has been uploaded. This time, it is the Rosette Nebula (a fragment of it). It is a 2×1 mosaic taken in narrowband with the CDK 20″. This mosaic has been quite difficult to assemble as the stars in the “seam” region […]

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