A wide field image of NGC 7293 (The Helix) has been uploaded!

Hello all! A new, wide field image of NGC 7293 (The Helix Nebula) has been uploaded. It is, like others that have been uploaded recently, a wide field image enhanced by blending in it a higher resolution image taken with the 20″ CDK. This image (like the higher resolution one) has been taken in narrowband, […]

A new image has been uploaded! The M16-M17-M18 region mosaic

Hi all, As I said in my previous post, I have uploaded a 1×2 mosaic, wide field, of the M16-M17 emission area (it also contains M18, an open cluster). This image has been processed using more than 43 hours of exposure (not including the hours of processing…). You will find two versions, the lower resolution […]

A new image has been uploaded. M17, the Omega Nebula

Hi all, I have uploaded two versions of M17, the Omega Nebula. The first version was taken with a 17inch telescope, and shows more detail. The second image is a wide field image of this nebula, and its core has been enhanced with the previous higher resolution image. This wide field image is the second […]

A 2×1 mosaic of NGC 2237 (Rosette Nebula) has been uploaded!

Hi all,   After a brief period of a certain calm, a new object has been uploaded. This time, it is the Rosette Nebula (a fragment of it). It is a 2×1 mosaic taken in narrowband with the CDK 20″. This mosaic has been quite difficult to assemble as the stars in the “seam” region […]

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