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    • You are right! I think that, if you have some contacts that can do this, go ahead, otherwise, I can contact people that have very goos contacts with an observatory very close to the SSO (the AAT people…). Let’s think that someone will take the post…


  1. Wow this is amazing! It’s always exciting to find new features around already known nebulae like the time a halo was found around IC 5148. A confirmation image is needed by someone else but have to wait until next year.


    • Thanks for your comment. Anyhow, IC 2220 is still high enough (4 hours 15 minutes higher than 30 degrees altitude, enough for Halpha images) and the Moon is every day farther away (today 90 degrees). Given the declination, it will have to be taken from the Southern hemisphere. We can find people at iTelescope.com that can take care of that. Do you want to give it a try?


  2. Cat: Enhorabona a l’Anna per fixar-se en aquestes bombolles i al seu pare per descobrir que encara no tenien nom. Ja tenim una Anna al cel.

    Eng: Congratulations to Anna for noticing these bubbles and to her father for seeing that they did not yet have a name. We already have an Anna in the sky…


  3. Cat: No tothom pot dir que han fet servir el seu nom per una estrella.😍😍 Molt bonica Josep Maria, igual que l’Anna.❀️

    Eng: Not everybody can say that his/her name has been used for a star. 😍😍 Very nice, Josep Maria, as much as Anna…


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