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  1. Impressive!!! …I have loved to learn about the Bok globules, or shall I call them Bok-Reilly?;)
    the top half of the image is astonishing, but the bottom half has been the one I like best…astronomical considerations aside…


    • Ha, ha… Well, they are known as Bok Globules because he was the director of that research… In this nebula, they are even called Thackeray’s globules, because he was the first one to notice them here… What’s in a name… In fact, even the name of the Running Chicken has an uncertain origin. The ESO asked, via Flicker, the astronomical community to draw the chicken that they saw. The result is totally disappointing as no one coincided to where the chicken was… My theory is that some funny guy put that name just for fun and it became popular, but without a real reason… I have never been able to see the chicken.

      Thanks for your words. I am always looking forward to reading them…


  2. Cat: Quina maravella!!!! Es increïble!!!!
    Gràcies per ensenyar-nos l’univers d’aquesta forma.

    Eng: Wonderful!!!! It’s hard to believe!!!!
    Thanks for showing us the Universe in this way.


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