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  1. As always impressive and informative!! Although the thought of a sphere as a perfect shape is more philosophical than geometrical or mathematical…I have to say that looking at this picture it looks like a fascinating idea…thank you!!!


    • Thanks! In fact, a sphere (and a circle) has beautiful maths behind it. A circle of radius=1 can be expressed as x2+y2=1, a sphere as x2+y2+z2=1. It is the 3D figure that has the maximum volume for its surface… and it if you put an ant walking on it, it works perfectly as an explanation of what eternity is… It may be not perfect, but it’s close…


  2. Cat: Ooooh!!! 😳😳😳 que bonica Josep M., lo primer que m’ha vingut al cap es una bombolla de sabò!!!
    Mai ens defraudes😘😘

    Eng: Ooooh!!! How pretty Josep M., true that the first I thought was of a soap bubble!!!


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