8 thoughts

  1. There is clearly no limit to the beauty you can show us with your incredible pictures!!!!

    I feel in awe…like entering the Sistine Chapel….

    Thank you:)


  2. WOW, just WOW… My wife and I have a room we are filling with awesome astrophotography. We would love to add this to it. Is there anyway you can help us? Keep up the awesome work..!!


  3. Cat: Molta feina però val la pena captar totes tres nebuloses a l hora. Encara que no es vegin amb tant de detall de quan ens les vas enviar per separat. Felicitats I una forta abraçada.

    Eng: A lot of work, but it is worth to grab all three nebulae together, even if they don’t have as much detail as when you uploaded them separately before. Congratulations!


  4. Cat: Molt maques!! 🙂 🙂 quins colors mes vius!!!
    La de baix pot ser que ja la vagis enviar de sola..?? O es molt semblant oi..???

    Eng: Very pretty!! 🙂 🙂 very lively colors!! You already uploaded the lower left one, right? Or is it just similar? Great!!


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