Cartwheel Galaxy – ESO 350-40


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The Cartwheel Galaxy, ESO 350-40, is a very far away galaxy, in the constellation Sculptor. This galaxy lies 500 million light years away. It has been calculated that, 700 million years ago (it was, then, 200 million years ago, that this light reached us), this spiral galaxy (sometimes also considered to be a distorted elliptical) had a gravitational encounter with another galaxy (probably one or both its neighbors in the picture) and was left with this remarkable structure. This “collision” triggered star birth in the ring (and hence, its beautiful bluish color).

Additional Information


Name(s): Cartwheel galaxy. ESO 350-40

Type: Galaxy

RA:  00h 37m 41s

Dec: -33ΒΊ 43’ 00”

Constellation: Sculptor

Size (arcmin): 1.4×1.0


Distance: 500 Mly


Date: 2015-08-15 to 22

Location:, SSO near Coonabarabran, NSW Australia

Size (arcmin): 28×20

Telescope: Planewave CDK 20” f/6.8

Camera: SBIG STX16803 (4096x4096pix)

Guiding: Astrodon MonsterMOAG off-axis guider

Total exposure: 12.75 hs (L: 4.75 hs; R: 3.25 hs; G: 2 hs; B: 2.75 hs)

Processing: CCDStack, Photoshop CC 2016 and PixInsight

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