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  1. Eng: Every day we get closer to our surrounding world. It is a privilege to live it close by.
    Cat: Cada vegada ens acostem més al món que ens envolta. És un privilegi viure-ho de prop.


  2. Eng: Excellent!!! I like very much this project and, despite I don’t have the knowledge about this matter, I do catch the Universe’s beauty thanks to you. I am looking forward to seeing this project’s evolution day to day. I will keep an eye on all your new images and posts.

    Cat: Excel·lent !!! M’ha agradat moltíssim aquest projecta i malgrat que no tinc els coneixements en aquesta materia, si puc apreciar la bellesa del univers gràcies a tu. M’agradara molt poder veure la seva evolució dia a dia. Estaré pendent de les novetats que hi vagis posant.


  3. the IC434-NGC2024 is mind blowing!!!…like all the others!
    thank you for showing us the wonders that lie far, far away:)


  4. Eng: Congratulations!!! An impressive collection… when I grow up, I want to do what you did. Regards
    Spa: Felicidades!!! Una colección impresionante…cuando sea mayor quiero hacer lo que has hecho tu. Un abrazo


  5. Eng: I would be surprised to see such an excellent work if I would not happen to know you since so many years, or I wouldn’t have seen you growing up in knowledge about Astronomy, seen your pictures and heard your excellent talks. Congratulations.

    Spa: Me sorprendería tan excelente trabajo si no te conociese desde hace tantos años, y no te hubiese visto crecer en tu conocimeitno de la Astronomía, viendo tus fotos y escuchado las excelentes explicaciones . Enhorabuena

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  6. Finally a great exhibition of a lot of work!
    A pleasure to follow the amazing pictures and your knowledge and experience!



  7. Amazing work with the “ultra deep sky” objects. And, of course, many stunning deep sky images!

    Original concept with the “italian series”!

    Want to see more…


  8. Eng: Impressive, as usual!!!!. Congratulations, Mr. AstroDrudis!!!!!.
    Cat: Impressionant, com sempre!!!!. Felicitats, Mr. AstroDrudis!!!!!


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