M 29 – NGC 6913


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M29 is a moderately sized open cluster with more than 30 stars. The five brightest stars in this cluster are all B0 giants (magnitudes between 8.6 and 9.2).

The light that arrives to us from this cluster is strongly filtered by interstellar matter, polarizing it and dimming the whole cluster. It would appear about 2.5-3 magnitudes brighter, should this filtering not occur.


Additional Information


Name(s): M29, NGC 6913

Type: Open Cluster

RA:  20h 23m 57s

Dec: +38º 30’ 01.4”

Constellation: Cygnus

Size (arcmin): 10

Magnitude: +6.6

Distance: 3,700 ly


Date: 2012-09-24

Location: Corbera de Llobregat, Barcelona, Catalonia

Size (arcmin): 18×12

Telescope: Celestron 11” HD f/10

Camera: FLI ML6303 (3072x2048pix)

Guiding: Orion SSAG/Nikkor 500mm f/8

Total exposure: 40min (L: 10min; RGB: 30min)

Processing: PixInsight

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