IC 4628. The Prawn Nebula (Detail)


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IC 4628 is another active star-forming region that is not very often imaged. Its relative faintness and its proximity to the much better known NGC 6334 and NGC 6188 makes it an overlooked nebula, despite its beauty. In fact, this nebula is not included in the NGC catalog (because of its faintness) and it is also known as Gum 56 (it was catalogued  by the Australian astronomer Colin S. Gum). This image is a detail of the wider field image taken the previous year. See it here.

This image has been taken with narrowband filters and mapped to natural color, in a way that tries to mimic the visible spectrum of this nebula.

Additional Information


Name(s): IC 4628. The Prawn Nebula

Type: Emission Nebula

RA:  16h 56m 54s

Dec: -40º 30’ 53”

Constellation: Scorpius

Size (arcmin): 90×60

Magnitude: +11.0

Distance: 6,000 ly


Date: 2018-04-11 thru 2018-04-23

Location: iTelescope.net, SSO near Coonabarabran, NSW Australia

Size (arcmin): 37×37

Telescope: Planewave CDK 20” f/6.8

Camera: SBIG STX16803 (4096x4096pix)

Guiding: Astrodon MonsterMOAG off-axis guider

Total exposure: 16.5 hours (Ha: 10h; OIII: 5h; RGB: 1h 30m)

Processing: CCDStack, Photoshop CC 2018

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