Still another image! The Thor’s Helmet

A new image has been uploaded. This time it concerns NGC 2359, the Thor’s Helmet Nebula.  It is a beautiful emission nebula, imaged in narrowband (HII and OIII). Being a Hydrogen and Oxygen rich nebula, these two filters should provide the “natural” color. In my opinion, this is the case…

The link is:

Or at the “Emission Nebulae” page, as well as at the “Italian Series” page.


3 thoughts

  1. Eng: It has surprising colors and definition. It also gives an idea of proximity with very clear shapes. It might be easy to compare its evolution along the time…

    Cat: És sorprenent en claretat i colors. També dóna una idea de proximitat amb formes molt definides. Potser serà fàcil de comparar amb el pas del temps la seva evolució.


  2. Eng: No words! It is the best one that I have seen of this object. Outstanding, Josep M., “chapeau”!

    Cat: Sense paraules! És la millor que he vist d’aquest objecte.

    Una autèntica passada Josep M. Chapeau!!

    Aleix Roig

    El 18 maig 2016, a les 18:41, va escriure: > >


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