An image of Messier 56, a Northern Globular Cluster, has been uploaded

Hi all, Another globular from the Messier catalog, M56, has been uploaded. This time, a cluster presenting two oddities: retrograde movement as it orbits the Milky Way, as well as its theorized origin, being the remainder of an “absorbed” (by the Milky Way) small galaxy that once was captured by the gravitational pull of our […]

An image of Ou4, the Giant Squid Nebula, has been uploaded

Hi all, An image of the Squid Nebula has been uploaded. This is a very special nebula. Because of its faintness, and despite its large size, it was not discovered until June 2011 by amateur astronomer Nicolas Outters. The image shows the central region and needed more than 40 hours to show the best part […]

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