A mosaic of the complete Messier Collection has been uploaded

Hi all, Finally, I have completed the only remaining image of the complete Messier Collection: a mosaic including all objects without any repetition. All images have been taken only with large aperture (but still amateur) telescopes. To my knowledge, this is the only such collection made by amateurs. Instead of preparing a simple mosaic depicting […]

An image of Messier 85 has been uploaded

Hi all, A second Messier object, M85, has been uploaded today. M85 is an unusual elliptical galaxy. Due to a recent merger, M85 shows an external structure with faint, but clearly visible, outer shells. This deep image shows them. Another peculiarity is the absence of any supermassive black hole residing at M85’s center. Actually, similar […]

An image of a double Globular Cluster has been uploaded

Hi all, I know that it has been a while since my latest uploaded image. I apologize for that. Today, we have a new image displaying a double Globular Cluster: Messier 53 and NGC 5053. These clusters show a very peculiar tidal bridge between them as a consequence of a possible close gravitational encounter. This […]

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