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  1. Thanks so much Josep M. for sharing with us your excellent work! Maybe our own Milky Way looks like this spiral galaxy? Would’nt be awesome if some other mean of life is observing us from there….? How would the Milky Way look like then… an edge on galaxy? Or a grand design spiral galaxy with a frontal view?
    Anyway, the image has a really accurate detail on its structure that shows your talented knowledge on how to fine process the deep sky images. My congratulations.

    Best regards,

    Aleix Roig

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Aleix. The fact that this image was taken with a large (at least according to my standards…) telescope, helps a lot to get that much detail. Regarding your thought about the inclination of our galaxy when seen from NGC 521, I think it should be around 60 degrees, what would provide “them” with a good view (provided they also have large telescopes, of course). Thanks again. Best regards, Josep

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