Finally, a new image has been uploaded! A mosaic of the LMC

Hi all,


I have just uploaded a new image. This time is a 2×2 mosaic of the LMC. This image has meant a huge work and has been the result of a very close collaboration with Don Goldman (I am his telescope partner at the iTelescope-SSO site). It is an image taken in narrowband with the stars and the galaxy’s central band taken in RGB. The processing has been quite difficult due to the fact that only a 10% overlap was decided between panels, in order to grab a wider field, without the need to go for a 3×3 mosaic…

The resolution of the image has been enhanced by blending high resolution images of several nebulae taken previously with the 20″ CDK. This increases the 44hour exposure of the four panels to 145.5 hours (taking into account the higher resolution superluminances…). The image (and additional explanations and an annotated copy) can be found at:

Large Magellanic Cloud. Nebulous Systems

The additional help of Tony Hallas (suggesting an excellent method for registering the panels) and Sakib Rasool (for the annotations) are highly appreciated.




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  1. Esp: Magníficas fotos. Nunca dejas de sorprenderme . Crecimiento exponencial

    Eng: Magnificent pictures. You never stop amazing me. Exponential growth…

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