Two new images uploaded!

Hi all,

Two new images have been uploaded. On one side, NGC 6357, an emission nebula in the constellation Scorpius. This image was taken with the 20″, but it had not yet been processed, because it had to be part of the high resolution enhancement of a wide field image that had to be taken later on with the TOA 130. As an exception, I like better the version with the filters mapped to the Hubble Color Palette. I have also included the natural color version.


The second image is the wide field including this NGC 6357 as well as NGC 6334 (that has also been enhanced with a high resolution image taken a year ago also with the CDK 20″). ┬áThis image has been mapped to natural color and shows how the two nebulas seem like two beauties turning away from each other, as if the other one was prettier… I find both fabulous…

The links to both are:

NGC 6357. The Lobster Nebula

NGC 6357 and NGC 6334. Two beauties looking away…



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