A close-up image of NGC 6164-5 has been uploaded

Hi all,

A new image, this time of the beautiful emission nebula NGC 6164 and NGC 6165 has been uploaded. This is a beautiful nebula that is the result of a massive ejection of gas (in two steps) from the central star HD 148937 (40 solar masses). This star belongs to an infrequent star type (O6.5f), with only five such stars known to us (three in our galaxy and two in the SMC). It is one of several such “bubble-like” nebulae that we can se in the sky, originated from mass ejections from massive stars like this one. More to come…

You can find it at:





One thought

  1. Cat: Aquesta nebulosa no és tan gran ni tan clara com les que habitualment acostumes a enviar. Es veuen dues zones ben diferenciades. Gràcies per compartir-la amb nosaltres.

    Eng: This nebula is not as large or as bright as the ones you usually upload. Two clrearly defined regions can be seen. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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