An image of M33 has been uploaded

Hi all,

An image of Messier 33, taken with the RC500 has been uploaded. Of course, the field of view (30x29arcmin) is smaller than the complete galaxy (69×42 arcmin) and, therefore, what is shown is the central region. It includes the large HII regions, NGC 604, NGC 595 and IC 142. This image is the result of 27 hours of exposure.

You will find it at:

Messier 33. The Triangulum Galaxy



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  1. Cat: Moltes hores D exposició, però el resultat ha valgut la pena. És veu la galàxia i les taques vermelles, segurament estrelles del brassos amb molta nitidesa. Gràcies Josep Maria. Bona Feina

    Eng: Many exposure hours, but the result says it’s worth. It’s easy to see the galaxy and the red spots very clearly, probably stars from the arms. Thanks Josep Maria. Good job.

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