An image of a peculiar globular cluster, M54, has been uploaded

Hi all, An image of Messier 54, a special globular cluster, has been uploaded. This (visually pretty “normal”) cluster is located at the center of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy, a Milky Way satellite, and has several curiosities in its structure. You can find it all at: Messier 54. NGC 6715 Enjoy, Josep

An amazing fragment of the Eta Carina Nebula has been uploaded

Hi all, An image of a fragment of Eta Carina has been uploaded. This image has been taken with narrowband filters and color mapped to the HCP (Hubble). The amazing colors are strictly the ones obtained with this palette, without any further manipulation. You can find it at: NGC 3372. Eta Carina Nebula. Another fragment […]

An image of the globular cluster Messier 12 has been uploaded

Hi all,   An image of M12, one of the 29 globulars that are present in the Messier Catalog, has been uploaded. This cluster was stripped of about one Million of low mass stars during, supposedly, one crossing through denser parts of the Milky Way. You can find the information and the image at: Messier […]

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