An image of NGC 261 and its companions has been uploaded

Hi all, The Small Magellanic Cloud is a region with a much higher rate of star formation, compared to the Milky Way. This image depicts NGC 261 and its immediate neighbors, all of them fueled by a close-by open cluster and forming stars at high rates. This is, as usual for nebulae, an image taken […]

An image of NGC 3242, the Ghost of Jupiter, has been uploaded

Hi all, Following the reprisal of uploading new images, an image of NGC 3242, a planetary nebula has been uploaded. This nebula shows two distinct nebulosities, the planetary itself and the surrounding nebula, the origin of which is not yet fully known. This is not an easy target, due to the very wide dynamic range […]

A wide field of the Eta Carinae Nebula, enhanced with high resolution images has been uploaded

Hi all, An image of the Eta Carinae Nebula has been uploaded. It is a wide field image taken with a Takahashi FSQ 106 from the iTelescope site 230×230 arcmin. As long as I already had several (six) images of this region, taken with the CDK 20″, I have blended them into the SuperLuminance of […]

Two new images (and a reprocessed one) have been uploaded

Hi all, I have just uploaded a reprocessed image of the ¬†-4×4 deg- ¬†wide field Vela Supernova Remnant. This should be the definitive one. I have also added two fragments captured with the CDK 20″. All images were taken as bicolor narrowband (Halpha and OIII). The fragment #2 has been rotated in order to give […]

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