The nebula containing the Southern Tadpoles had been catalogued before…

Hi all, Once I published the image and description of the Southern Tadpoles, Sakib Rasool sent me an email correcting my description. The nebula had previously been catalogued by Colin Gum as Gum 37 and the “planetary nebula” that can be seen inside NGC 3572 has, very recently, been catalogued as a Photo-evaporating Globule, with […]

A new image, the galaxy NGC 3521, the Bubble Galaxy

Hi all, A new image has been uploaded. This time a beautiful galaxy, NGC 3521, the Bubble Galaxy. This is a galaxy with two characteristics: it is “flocculent” meaning that its contains huge amounts of dust distributed in a specific way and also that it has shells (star streams around it) that are the remains […]

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