A new image, the galaxy NGC 3521, the Bubble Galaxy

Hi all, A new image has been uploaded. This time a beautiful galaxy, NGC 3521, the Bubble Galaxy. This is a galaxy with two characteristics: it is “flocculent” meaning that its contains huge amounts of dust distributed in a specific way and also that it has shells (star streams around it) that are the remains […]

A very deep image of NGC 7293 (the Helix Nebula) and its surroundings has been uploaded

Hi all, This time, an image of NGC 7293, the helix Nebula has been uploaded. It is a very deep image, with more than 60 hours of exposure, especially with the Halpha filter (45.5 hours)… Its halo has been revealed with great detail. Please see it at: NGC 7293. The deep Helix Nebula Enjoy! Josep […]

A new image of the Vela SuperNova Remnant has been uploaded

Hi all, A new image has been uploaded. This time it is the result of another joint project together with Don Goldman. This wide field view is a 6-panel mosaic taken with a TOA 130 refractor and encompasses about 7.8×5.2 degrees, grabbing most of the whole remnant, as well as the second SNR present in […]

A mosaic with NGC 3576 and NGC 3603 has been uploaded

Hi all, A new image, this time a 2-pane mosaic with NGC 3576 (the Statue of Liberty Nebula) and NGC 3603 has been uploaded. This region is a very active star formation area, and the open cluster fueling NGC 3603 is only 1 Million years old. This area hosts many interesting objects. The image, as […]

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