A 2×1 mosaic of NGC 2237 (Rosette Nebula) has been uploaded!

Hi all,


After a brief period of a certain calm, a new object has been uploaded. This time, it is the Rosette Nebula (a fragment of it). It is a 2×1 mosaic taken in narrowband with the CDK 20″. This mosaic has been quite difficult to assemble as the stars in the “seam” region had very different magnitudes and were only¬†able to be “stitched” in a semi-automatic form. You will find it at:

NGC 2237. The Rosette Nebula. Caldwell 49



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  1. One of the best Rosette Nebula image I’ve ever seen, including professional images. You squeeze the equipment and processing software until you get all the information from all your pixels.
    Congratulations on this image. At this level of detail we can see some interesting physical events. Scientific data!

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