An image of Messier 66 has been uploaded

Hi all!

As a complement to the previous post regarding Messier 65, also M66 has been uploaded. This galaxy shows more distortion than M65, due to a gravitational encounter with NGC 3628. This fact has heavily affected both galaxies.

You can find this image at:

Messier 66. M66. NGC 3627



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    1. Thank you, Don, These two galaxies have been an obsession since long ago… Take care

  1. Cat: En aquests dies que hem d’estar tancats a casa, ens ajudes a passar les hores gaudint de l’univers 🥰 gracies pel teu granet de sorra Josep Maria👍❤

    Eng: In these days that we have to be locked at home, you help us to spend our time enjoying the Universe 🥰Thanks for your grain of sand, Josep Maria 👍❤

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