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Hi all,

Today’s image can be considered a “divertimento”. We all get to “guess” shapes in the clouds that we see in the sky. We also do this with the nebulae that we see in the night sky, and we have many examples of this (the Eagle, Pelican, Seagull, Rosette and many others). In many cultures, the gift of a rose is a token of love/respect/appreciation. As usual, this opens many question marks. This is exactly what seems to happen in this image that I came to call “The Rose and the Question Marks”.

You can find it at:

NGC 1966, the Rose and the Question Marks


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  1. És una imatge sorprenent per la seva claredat, definició i acolorit.
    A part de que es veu clarament la rosa i els interrogants.
    Gràcies per compartir-la. Bona feina. M ha agradat molt.

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