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Hi all,

A new image has been uploaded. This time it is a planetary nebula, NGC 6543 (the Cat’s Eye Nebula). Believe it or not, but over 830 images have been combined to create this image. Numerous short (6, 60 and 600 seconds in Halpha, OIII and NII for the core) together with multiple longer exposures (40 minutes in Halpha and OIII for the halo) were needed to compensate the immense dynamic range of this nebula.

You can find more information and the image at:

NGC 6543. The Cat’s Eye Nebula


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  1. A mi que sรณc una enamorada dels gats ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿพes igual de meravellรณs com els seus ulls.

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