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Hi all,

An image of Messier 88, a spiral galaxy in the constellation Coma Berenices, has been uploaded.

This image marks the final point in the taking, processing and uploading ALL Messier objects but all of them taken only with large amateur telescopes. Please, stay tuned, because in the coming days I will upload two important pages. First, I will upload a specific page with images and links to all Messier objects, ordered by number. Second, I will upload an introduction to this whole work, with some statistics, and third, I will prepare and upload a poster displaying all 110 Messier objects (most probably not ordered by number).

Now, Messier88 is located at:

Messier 88. NGC 4501


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    1. Thank you, Prabhakar, this image completes the Messier catalog. You can, now, find all of them in the web site. On Monday, I will upload another page with all of them together. Enjoy

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